02 9 / 2014

I’m seeing ty today and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna vomit everywhere I’m so nervous. I hate the way he makes me feel.

01 9 / 2014

I am so happy in my relationship now, but I wish that I met Andre in college, when I had freedom and generally had money whenever I needed it and went out dancing and drinking every weekend and was actually a useful person

31 8 / 2014

Legitimate question: How long does it take for someone to know that the person they’re with is the person they want to spend their life with - without feeling like a naive idiot? If you feel this way about your significant other, how and when did you know?

25 8 / 2014

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25 8 / 2014

Thank goodness Andre is so great because he had to deal with my emotional ass last night

23 8 / 2014

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i may have peed myself a little watching this

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23 8 / 2014

Tonight Andre and I got home from six flags and we were so tired, and I kept falling asleep on the couch, and then he sang me a lullaby and it was probably one of the top five most wonderful moments of my life and I want to cry I’m so happy what did I do to deserve someone so beautiful

22 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: why do you hate on mushrooms? did toad kill ur father?




Mushrooms are bland dirty and tasteless just like my anons

please use commas when you insult people thanks

Mu,shro„oms are blan„„,d dirty and, tas„,teless ju,st lik,e my an,o„ns, ,

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21 8 / 2014

Oh my god telling ty I wanted to talk to him was a huge mistake. He’s up my ass at 2:30am and constantly asking questions and trying to talk to me and I don’t understand. He never did this when we were DATING. and now look at this. I can’t tell if he knows that I’m gonna put him in his place or if he thinks I’m pining for him. Pathetic and annoying.

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Once you know all the lyrics to La Vie Boheme you know that shit for LIFE.

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Passive - A Perfect Circle

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